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Water fed pole system vs traditional methods.

I recently invested in a water fed pole window cleaning system, this is the method which uses a very long extendable pole with a brush on the end which squirts purified water on to your windows, thinking this would make my life easier but I was wrong!

This system is great for offices with large panes of glass where attention to detail isn't so important but not so good for the majority of residential properties.

Water fed window cleaning systemIf you have birds mess, specks of paint or any stubborn marks on your windows the water fed system will NOT eradicate these problems, only with the traditional hands on method are you assured a truly spotless finish.

In addition to this, the water fed system uses a heck of a lot of water - up to 10 litres per minute, a lot of which will be left sitting on your sills and ledges which can penetrate and eventually cause damage.

O.C.O window cleaning will clean every window using the traditional method guaranteeing the highest quality finish possible.

Traditional window cleaners equipmentEvery one of my customers who had previously used the aforementioned system said the finish was sub standard. Trust me, I have been cleaning residential properties for over 25 years with hundreds of satisfied customers using the traditional method.  

Check out the images below of cleaned windows, it actually looks like there's no glass at all!

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